Clava Lounge كلافا لاونج

Name: Clava Lounge
Name Arabic: كلافا لاونج
Phone Number: (06) 5920491
Phone Number(s): 0799397777
Phone Number(s): 0777051111
Governate: Amman
Area Info: Abdoun, Orthodox Club, 2nd Floor
Governate Arabic: عمان
Area Arabic: عبدون, الطتبق الثاني للنادي الارثودكسي
Category English: Entertainment
Category Arabic: اماكن ترفيهية
SubCategory Arabic: مطاعم
SubCategory English: Restaurants

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Clava is an international restaurant and bar, ready to serve various kinds of hard and soft drinks, delicious food as well as special argileh. The terrace overseas a nice view which you can enjoy while listening to different types of music.

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#7: Sunday 26 October 2014 / 4:27:33 pm.
Amer Hijazin (User IP ID: 72714901170)
clava loung is my favorite place.