Scenario سيناريو

Name: Scenario
Name Arabic: سيناريو
Phone Number: (06) 5521822
Phone Number(s): 0787200002
Governate: Amman
Area Info: Um Uthaina, Shat Al Arab Steet, Builing #18
Governate Arabic: عمان
Area Arabic: ام اذينة, عمان
Category English: Food and drink
Category Arabic: طعام و شراب
SubCategory Arabic: مطاعم - خدمات اغذية
SubCategory English: Restaurants - International Cuisine

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working hours iconOpening Hours
Daily:    1:00 pm  - 12:00 am

Scenario Restaurant is an entirely unique smart casual dining experience in a cosmopolitan setting with carefully selected signature dishes created by a World-Class Master Chef

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#4: Friday 8 February 2013 / 10:47:13 am.
ady ali (User IP ID: 103413571012)
good food
best restaurant in Amman