Centerpoint سنتربوينت

Name: Centerpoint
Name Arabic: سنتربوينت
Phone Number: (06) 5504930
Phone Number(s): 065653314
Governate: Amman
Area Info: Macca St., Amman
Governate Arabic: عمان
Area Arabic: شارع مكة, عمان
Category English: Fashion (clothes and accessories)
Category Arabic: ازياء و موضة (البسة، اكسسوارات)
SubCategory Arabic: ملابس
SubCategory English: Clothing

center pint سنتربوينت logo
Landmark Group Jordan is the official owner of "centerpoint" in Jordan.
سنتربوينت هي إحدى محلات لاند مارك جروب الأردن

  • Center Point at Mecca Mall
    Address : Makka Al Mukarrama Street
    Phone Number: 06-5504930
    Store Location : 2nd Floor, Store Number: 58
  • Centre Point (SPLASH) at Maxim Mall (Unisex Fashion)
    Address : Jabal Al-Hussein, Maxim Mall
    Phone Number: 06-5653314

  • CentrePoint (SPLASH) at Arabella Mall (Unisex Fashion)
    Arabella Mall Logo in Irbid Jordan
    Address : Irbid, Jordan, Arabella Mall
    Phone Number: 02-??


Centerpoint Mecca Mall has the following Stores combined together:
يحتوي سنتربوينت مكة مول على المحلات التالية

  • babyshop amman jordan logo
    بيبي شوب - أطفال و رضع
    Babyshop "Baby & Children"
  • shoe mart amman jordan logo
    شومارت - أحذية و إكسسوارات
    Shoemart "Footwear & Accessories"
  • Splash amman jordan logo
    سبلاش - ملابس و إكسسوارات
    Splash "Clothing & Accessories"
  • Life Style amman jordan logo
    لايف ستايل و أدور - جمال و إكسسوارات
    Lifestyle & Adore "Beauty & Cosmetics"

 centerpoint storefront view
CenterPoint Gulf storefront photo
:: Added July 21st 2011

splash centerpoint store in mecca mall
Splash storefront photo
at Mecca Mall, Amman :: Added July 21st 2011

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#2: Thursday 30 August 2012 / 7:23:20 am.
Njood (User IP ID: 70613501009)
I need to call you urgent
i called several times with no answer how can i call you
#9: Sunday 5 May 2013 / 10:32:10 am.
anas alsanat (User IP ID: 9129711217)
حاب اتوظف عندكم في مجال الالبسة وان بعشق هذا العمل وعندي خبرة
#11: Wednesday 28 August 2013 / 8:40:25 am.
maha (User IP ID: 141312751483)
i want to join for a job how i can join you please let me know
i wish i can be one of your staff
#17: Sunday 20 July 2014 / 11:19:29 am.
Walid Anabtawi (User IP ID: 12719741036)
Dear Sir, MM
last Thu. I visited with my familiy your stors at Mecca Mall, when I picked a trouser ( Lee Cooper ) marked with 58 JOD and the stand has a big lable says up to %50 disccount, I was very happy for that, but when reach the casheer I was shocked that there is no discount, I told the guy that it was mentioned on the stand, he asked the manager at that time 11:00 pm I think he was Mr. Weseem or wesam I'm not sure, my main point here ( this manger was extremely impolite dealing in very tough way, he start steering at me, and acting in very very very bad behaviour, I told him : why your acting this way, he moved his face then he told me come with me to see the stand, at first he was embaressed, then he told me it is customers fault, I realy didn't understand what did he mean, any way this guy was extremly auful, if you need more info ( if you are intrested pls call me 079*****
#18: Monday 3 November 2014 / 11:33:14 pm.
mohammed (User IP ID: 1690906997)
snow globes
Hi , is there any chance that i can find a snow globe ?? What is its price ... thank you .
#19: Tuesday 4 November 2014 / 6:54:14 pm.
mohammed (User IP ID: 72711711170)
snow globes
Hi , is there any chance that i can find a snow globe ?? What is its price ... thank you .
#31: Friday 10 July 2015 / 5:50:04 pm.
Hmd (User IP ID: 10831765958)
You have baby stroller Ferrari???