Jordan Bromin Co. شركة برومين الاردن

Name: Jordan Bromin Co.
Name Arabic: شركة برومين الاردن
Phone Number: (03) 2308054
Phone Number(s): 032308050
Phone Number(s): 032308051 , 032308052
Fax numbers: 032308019
Governate: Karak
Area Info: Ghour Al-Safi, Ghor Numirah
Governate Arabic: الكرك
Area Arabic: الغور الصافي, غور نميرة
Category English: Industrial Raw Materials and Supplies
Category Arabic: مواد صناعية و اولية و لوازمها
SubCategory Arabic: كيماويات
SubCategory English: Chemicals

Jordan Bromine Logo
Jordan Bromine Company

Industrial Production:
Bromine Substance, Alkaline Potash and Chlorine

Latest Activities:
Currently, there is a joint venture deal of Jordan Bromine Company and Albemarle Corporation;

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