Landmark Amman Hotel فندق لاندمارك

Name: Landmark Amman Hotel
Name Arabic: فندق لاندمارك
Phone Number: (06) 5607100
Phone Number(s): 065665160 , 065620504
Phone Number(s): 0795270367
Governate: Amman
Area Info: Jabal Amman, Amman
Governate Arabic: عمان
Area Arabic: جبل عمان, ش المدينة الرياضية
Category English: Travel & Tourism
Category Arabic: سفريات و سياحة
SubCategory Arabic: فنادق
SubCategory English: Hotels

Landmark Hotel Logo
Land Mark Hotel
(Previously the Radisson SAS)

Al Hussein Bin Ali Street.
P.O. Box 6399 Amman 11118 Jordan

مدير دائرة التدريب والموارد البشرية   : نضال شلبي

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LandMark Hotel building view photo
LandMark Hotel building view photo

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#3: Thursday 28 March 2013 / 12:17:17 pm.
***** (User IP ID: 160310991208)
name:hasan faisal abu hassan.
date of birth:2/8/1982
marital of status:single.
high school:guideline.

recieve rourists.
speaking:arabic and enlish good.
#4: Monday 14 April 2014 / 1:25:41 pm.
Sylvia Wolford (User IP ID: 9891009979)
Contacting Landmark Hotel
Is this the only way to contact the Landmark Hotel for assistance in tours?
#25: Tuesday 2 August 2016 / 11:08:56 pm.
Mirvat A. (User IP ID: 10358651012)
Safety and security
Dear Sir/Madame,
My name is Mirvat Awamleh and I am sending this email as a serious complaint about safety and security first and second as a complaint against valet service at landmark , Jordan -Amman.

On the 2nd of August , 2016 at 8:20-23 pm I arrived as a guest at Landmark hotel Amman and gave my car to the VIP valet service . To my surprise , when receiving my car ( which I drove from the parking myself though it was serviced as a VIP as there was a fight on the hotel's gate at that time between a customer and the valet ) I have noticed that the back seats' side pockets are filled with kids' chewing gum wrapper !!! Personally I don't have kids and I never have any more than one friend riding with me ! Thus, the back seats are always untouchable. Tonight , I have noticed that my car's center console was opened and many stuff was removed from its place and thrown at the back seats !

My concern is not what happened tonight ; however I have a solid fear now from the safety and security the hotel has ! I returned back to the hotel asking to check the cameras and what had happened during my stay in the hotel and to my ultimate shock the cameras in the hotel showed nothing !!!!

My question is , what about if this was a security issue ?!!!!!

I am so much disappointed to the extent that I no longer trust Landmark or its employees anymore !

I am not asking for anything here but I am so much amazed how such a hotel in Amman has your name 'Landmark ' and it has the least security and safety procedures !!!!

Best ,
RIP security and safety !