Jordan Islamic Bank - Shmeisani البنك الإسلامي الأردني - الشميساني

Name: Jordan Islamic Bank - Shmeisani
Name Arabic: البنك الإسلامي الأردني - الشميساني
Phone Number: (06) 5623613
Phone Number(s): 065677107 , 065650436
Phone Number(s): 065691700 , 065633612
Governate: Amman
Area Info: Shmeisani, Amman
Governate Arabic: عمان
Area Arabic: الشميساني, عمان
Category English: Financial and banking
Category Arabic: مالية و مصرفيه
SubCategory Arabic: بنوك
SubCategory English: Banks

فرع الشميساني
العنوان: الشميساني/ عمان
ص.ب: 925997/ الرمز البريدي 11190

Islamic Jordanian Bank Shmeisani Branch on August 2nd 2011
Islamic Jordanian Bank Shmeisani Branch on August 2nd 2011


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#54: Wednesday 26 March 2014 / 11:10:32 am.
Exexcutive Consultant Abdalla M Jibril (User IP ID: 11161740986)
The same old financial thugs
I was a customer and sharholder of JIB for quite many years, I am impressed among millions of the islamic economy.
This message is for the bank,s directors.
Has there be any change of the management especially during general assembly meetingsthe same man nver change because the claim that Al barakah is under his control, is he and his assocites are the only theme in Jordan and how many youth s male and female can ever propse or dispute his thugs.
and no body can dispute his moderenisation themes whis takes place as quickly as the frog.
This is are among many reasons I sold all my shares.Please, have the courage to respond for the good of the bank
thank you
#65: Sunday 14 August 2016 / 3:00:55 pm.
Zied ahmad (User IP ID: 140010091003)
Swit code
It kink of you if u put swift cobe for each branch