Everest Hotel View Cafe كوفي شوب ومطعم فيو افرست

Name: Everest Hotel View Cafe
Name Arabic: كوفي شوب ومطعم فيو افرست
Phone Number: (07) 97720451
Phone Number(s): 0795774417 , 0799263247
Website: www.everest-jordan.com
Governate: Amman
Area Info: Airport Street - Queen Alia Airport street
Governate Arabic: عمان
Area Arabic: شارع المطار - فندق ومنتجع افيريست
Category English: Food and drink
Category Arabic: طعام و شراب
SubCategory Arabic: مطاعم - مقاهي
SubCategory English: Restaurants - Cafe

VIEW restaurant and Cafe Logo
The VIEW Restaurant Serves:
Pizzas, Pasta, Steak, Chicken,
Daily Fresh Fish, Seafood and Crustaceans,
hubbly bubbly (shisha)

Official Facebook Page:

The View is Located inside Everest Hotel And Spa.

VIEW restaurant and Cafe inside photo
VIEW restaurant and Cafe inside logo

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