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دعوة مفتوحة للمشاركة في مشروع بلدك لفنون الشارع – الدورة السادسة

February 27 - March 20



February 27
March 20
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Al Balad Theater
Dowtown - Yazeed Bin Abu Sufian St., 1st Circle

دعوة مفتوحة للمشاركة في مشروع بلدك لفنون الشارع – الدورة السادسة 5– 10 أيار 2018
Baladk Street Art project 2018 – Call for applications
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مشروع بلدك لفنون الشارع هو مهرجان يركز على فن الجرافيتي، ينظمه سنوياّ مسرح البلد في عمّان – الأردن بالتعاون مع فنانين ومؤسسات شريكة حيث يستضيف نخبة من فناني وفنانات الجرافيتي من الأردن والعالم العربي على مدى خمسة أيام لرسم لوحات فنية على جدران المدينة ضمن ثيمة محددة مسبقاً.

ستنطلق الدورة السادسة من مشروع بلدك في عمّان – الاردن من 5 – 10 أيار – 2018 بالشراكة مع أمانة عمّان الكبرى، EUNIC، تماسي، SIDA، دهانات ناشونال وفضاء 317 تحت عنوان “عالم وناس” حيث سيعمل الفنانون مع بعضهم البعض بالتواصل مع المجتمع ليضيفوا لمساتهم الفنية على جدران المدينة.

“عالم وناس”
موضوع الدورة السادسة لمشروع بلدك هو “عالم وناس” والتي سنحاول من خلالها استكتشاف العلاقة بين الفنانين والمجتمع المحيط بهم ونرسم جداريات تمثّل اشخاصا ورموزا من المجتمع المحلي التي نتعامل معها يومياً مثل البائع والطبيبة والمعلم والمهندسة وعامل النظافة والأم وغيرهم.

من يستطيع المشاركة؟
باب المشاركة مفتوح للفنانين ذوي الخبرة في مجال فن الغرافيتي من سكان الأردن أو الوطن العربي (مع الأخذ بعين الاعتبار وجود بعض المعيقات الخارجة عن إرادة المنظمين والمتعلقة بتأشيرة دخول بعض الجنسيات العربية إلى الأردن). سيقوم المهرجان بتغطية تكاليف السفر والإقامة للفنانين/ات الذين سيتم اختيارهم للمشاركة.

كيفية تقديم الطلب؟
على الفنانين/ات المهتمين بالمشاركة إرسال ما يلي:
• تعبئة طلب المشاركة على الرابط هنا:

6th Baladk Street Art Festival6th Baladk Street Art Festival

• نماذج من أعمال فنية سابقة ((Portfolio
• عنوان الجدارية التي تقترحون رسمها للمهرجان.
• سكيتش مبدئي للجدارية التي تريدون رسمها. (يجب ان تكون ضمن اطار الموضوع العام / الثيمة وهي “عالم وناس”).
• وصف الرسمة (100 كلمة أو اقل).
يرجى إرسال كافة البيانات المطلوبة أعلاه إلى البريد الالكتروني: muath@al-balad.org وذلك في موعد اقصاه 20 آذار 2018

أعرف أكثر عن مشروع بلدك هنا:



Baladk Street Art project 2018
Organized by Al Balad Theater
Call for applications

Baladk street art graffiti festival is organized on an annual basis in Amman, Jordan by Al Balad theatre in partnership with several artists and organizations. This year Baladk festival is organized in partnership with the European Union National Institutes for Culture: EUNIC, Greater Amman Municipality, National Paints, UMNIAH, FADA 317 and Amman Street Art.

The 6th edition of Baladk Street Art festival will take place in Amman, Jordan from May 5th till May 10th, 2018. The theme for this year is “people” and will bring together graffiti artists from Jordan, the region and Europe.

The “people” edition will explore the relationship between artists and people in the street. Artists will draw portraits and murals inspired by the people around us. Each graffiti artist will produce a piece that will reflect how they perceive ordinary people around them; their interactions and appreciation of human life.
Baladk will select walls for the murals in various parts of Amman making sure that they are visible and accessible and in diverse neighborhoods of the city.

How to get involved?
• Fill out the online application form.

6th Baladk Street Art Festival6th Baladk Street Art Festival

• Email us samples of your previous work.
• Submit a concept of the artwork you intend to produce for Baladk: “People” Edition. The concept should include a title, a sketch, and a 100 word explanation.
• Deadline for submissions: March 20th, 2018

Please send all information to the following email address: muath@al-balad.org.

Note: incomplete applications or those sent after the deadline [March 20th 2018] will not be taken into consideration.

Baladk mission is also about connecting artists; for this reason, we advocate joint projects and collaborations between artists to leave a more creative imprint on the walls of their city. The 6th edition of Baladk will include a 2-day technical workshop for selected artists where they will meet for 4 – 6 hours. This workshop will be led by a professional street artist.
When accepted into the 6th edition of Baladk, artists are to meet up on the first day of the festival at Al Balad Theater venue in Amman, where they will showcase and discuss the pieces they want to spray paint on the walls of their city with other artists. Baladk: Our City will also offer aspiring young graffiti artists with little or no experience the chance to be part of Baladk Street Art Festival. Young talents will get the chance to accompany participating graffiti artists as they create their pieces around the city. If you wish to accompany our graffiti artists and learn from them kindly fill out the following form

About Baladk Street Art Festival:
Baladk street art project was first inaugurated in Amman in 2013 as a street art project that aimed to empower citizenship through different forms of street art, primarily murals.
The idea started with an initiative from Al Balad Theater’s friends & volunteers in 2013, to link the area of al Balad Theater’s artistic & cultural visions & aims with the community.
Al Balad Theater aimed to present a unique cultural experience entitled “BALADK”, with a vision of contributing the local youth in the city’s cultural rhythm through their different art formations, which enhances their loyalty towards building a culture that represents them & speaks their language. A collective of local emerging artists & musicians residing in the area of Al Balad Theater executed this project, and Amman city. “Art for All” is a universal concept, which emphasizes the right of being exposed to art regardless social levels and differences.
Both experiences served as a springboard and learning opportunities for Baladk Project, that highlighted two important points: the first is that street art is the art form that brings artists (and art itself) closer to the people and removes it from the bourgeois confines of theater-closed spaces, and the second is that this project needs to be an annual one that brings together artists, art groups, and community organizations all over the city.
Given the fact that Jordan’s population has recently become more diverse than ever before as a result of the turmoil in neighboring Arab countries, we strongly believe that street art will be a very effective tool in communicating & resisting the multiple forms of oppression practiced on different demographics.
In Jordan, and in the aftermath of the uprisings in surrounding countries, the social texture has changed; it has become more complicated, richer & more daring to express their rights.
Street arts are effective because they come from the community; we do not go to them: they gather & express their inner thoughts in the most creative possible ways.

Baladk Project Objective
This project aims to turn the streets into festive colorful sites; where people celebrate their existence & freedom from all kinds of oppression. Our main target is the local community and neighborhood, in addition to young street artists who have been oppressed by public authorities who believe that they own the city streets and walls. The festival wants to reclaim the streets to their rightful owners: the people of the city.

Watch these documentaries to learn more about Baladk Street Art Project:


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