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Abdelqader Bekhit Farewell Exhibition @ Dar Al-Anda

May 13, 2017 - May 31, 2017



May 13, 2017
May 31, 2017
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Dar Al-Adna Art Gallery – دار الأندى للفنون
Dhirar Bin Al- Azwar Street, Jabal Al Weibdah

Abdelqader Bekhit Farewell Exhibition @ Dar Al-Anda
13/5/2017 – 31/5/2017
غالبا عندما يبتعد الانسان عن مكان نشأته، ومحيطه الاول،يعبر عنه فنيا بحنين دافق
هذا ما حدث معي في عمان التي رحبت بي كثيرا وانا اعبر في لوحاتي عن جمال السودان وحضارته ونيله الخالد.
هذا المعرض “الاستعادي” هو خلاصة تجاربي، خاصة في الالوان المائية وهي مادتي الاولى.
خلال وجودي في عمان وعملي خاصة في دار الاندى استفدت كثيرا من التفاعل الثقافي الفني من الفن العربي والعالمي، في تطوير اسلوبي ولغتي الفنية حيث عرضت القاعة تجارب فنية عالية المستوى عربيا وعالميا، ولأن الفن لا يعترف بالحدود وهو لغة عالمية جاء هذا التأثر بالفنون المختلفة في صقل تجربتي الفنية.
عبد القادر بخيت
عمان/ 9 أيار 2017
When one moves from his place of origin, he reflects on it artistically with a bittersweet nostalgia.
This was what happened to me when I moved to Amman, a city that welcomed me with open arms. The paintings that I created during my time in Amman express the beauty of Sudan, its civilization and its immortal Nile.
This retrospective exhibition is the culmination of my experiences in Amman. Most of these works are in water paintings, which was an appropriate choice as it was the first medium with which I had worked.
During my time in Amman, and my tenure at Dar Al-Anda in particular, I benefited greatly from the cultural and artistic exchanges between Arab and international artists that I witnessed. This exposure contributed to the development of my artistic method and language. This was due to the fact that the gallery acted as a high-level artistic playground for Arab and international art. And since art does not recognize any borders, due to its being a universal language, my artistic experience was truly refined during my time here.
Abdulkader Bakhit
Amman, May 9th, 2017

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