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Justice & Memory. A “Fikrun Wa Fann” Lecture @ Goethe-Institut

08/09/2015 @ 7:00 pm


7:00 pm
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Goethe Institut – معهد غوته
المركز الثقافي الألماني: جبل عمان - شارع عبد المنعم الرفاعي
Jabal Amman, #5 Abdel Mun'im Al Rifa'i Street , Jordan
064641993, 064649270

Justice & Memory. A “Fikrun Wa Fann” Lecture On Contemporary Arabic Literature @ Goethe-Institut Jordanien
أدب: محاضرة “فكر وفن” حول الأدب العربي المعاصر مع شتيفان ميليش – كولونيا

On Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 – at 7:00pm
With Stefan Milich (University of Cologne)
FIKRUN WA FANN (“Art and Thought”) is the cultural magazine of the Goethe-Institut for dialogue with the Islamic world and cultural exchange. Writers from Germany, Europe and the Islamic world have their say, along with other voices from the international discourse. The journal also offers a literary forum for current socio-political debates.
FIKRUN WA FANN deals in depth with current cultural and socio-political issues, and it also serves as an open forum for topics under discussion across borders and generations. It is known for challenging articles and the unique aesthetic quality of its illustrations. FIKRUN WA FANN is published twice annually in a print run of almost 20,000 copies in Arabic, English and Farsi. The history of the journal reflects half a century of German-Arabic and European-Islamic cultural relations. It was founded in 1963 by Annemarie Schimmel und Albert Theile. Stefan Weidner, am Islamic studies scholar and writer, has been running the journal ever since 2001.
Recent topics of the journal are : “On Literature”, “Psychology”, “Education”, “100 Years First World War”, “Culture and Climate”, “Coming to Terms with the Past”, “Mapping Democracy”, “Music between Cultures”.
FIKRUN WA FANN is available at www.goethe.de/fikrun as an E-PAPER download (epub, pdf) – in Arabic, English, Farsi and also in German.
Stephan Milich (born in 1975) teaches “Modern Arabic cultures and societies” at the Institute of Oriental Studies at Cologne University. His research interests focus on contemporary Arabic poetry and prose, culture and ideology, representations of exile in Arabic culture, and civil society and the state.
The lecture will be held in English. – Light refreshments will be served.
شتيفان ميليش: شتيفان ميليش من مواليد 1975 يقوم بتعليم “المجتمعات والثقافات العربية الحديثة” في معهد الدراسات الشرقية في جامعة كولونيا. تهتم دراساته بالشعر والنثر العربي المعاصر، الثقافة والايديولوجية، تماثيل للمنفى في الحضارة العربية، المجتمع المدني والدولة
ستقام الفعالية في الخارج على الشرفة الجديدة. كما سيتم توفير المرطبات
فكر وفن: قام شتيفان ميليش بنشر “ترجمة ما لا ينسى. الصدمة النفسية في الأدب العربي المعاصر” في مجلة : فكر وفن
المنظمون: معهد غوتة الأردن & كارولينة كوبانك

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