Amman Contemporary Dance Festival 2015

amman contemporary dance fest
Amman Contemporary Dance Festival 2015

مهرجان عمان للرقص المعاصر 2015
From 14 Until 25, April 2015

  • 13/4/2015 – 7:00pm Until 9:00pm
    Workshop: Battery Dance –USA “Register Now At 065690292/3 – Ext.2”
  • 14/4/2015 – 8:00pm
    “Tarab” by Company 7273 @ Al-Hussein Cultural Center
    Laurence Yadi, Nicolas Cantillon – Switzerland
  • 15/4/2015 – 7:00pm Until 9:00pm
    International FuittFuitt Workshop “Register Now At 065690292/3 – Ext.2”
    Workshop: Trained educators: Nicolas Cantillon & Dancers from Compagnie 7273 – Switzerland
  • 16/4/2015 – 8:00pm
    Battery Dance Company @ Al-Hussein Cultural Center
  • 19/4/2015  – 6:00pm Until 8:00pm
    Workshop: Aakash Odedra – UK “Register Now At 065690292/3 – Ext.2”
  • 20/4/2015 – 8:00pm
    “Rising” by Aakash Odedra Company @ Al-Hussein Cultural Center
  • 21/4/2015 – 8:00pm
    “Rising” by Aakash Odedra Company @ Al-Hussein Cultural Center
  •  23/4/2015 – 8:00pm
    “Flightless” by Elías Aguirre @ Al-Hussein Cultural Center
  • 25/4/2015 – 8:00pm
    Roosna & Flak / Korzo Production @ Al-Hussein Cultural Center
  • 26/4/2015 – 7:00pm Until 9:00pm
    Workshop: Korzo Productions –  Norway “Register Now At 065690292/3 – Ext.2”

Amman Contemporary Dance Festival
فرق عالمية متميزة تشارك في فعاليات مهرجان عمّان السابع للرقص المعاصر والذي ينظمه المركز الوطني للثقافة والفنون التابع لمؤسسة الملك الحسين
في الفترة من 14 – 25 نيسان 2015 على مسرح مركز الحسين الثقافي
ويشارك في المهرجان خمسة فرق عالمية من: النرويج واسبانيا وسويسرا والولايات المتحدة الامريكية والمملكة المتحدة
The National Center for Culture & Arts (NCCA) of King Hussein ‎Foundation is proud to host the 7th Annual Amman Contemporary Dance Festival (ACDF) which falls in ‎line with its mission to promote cultural exchange and enhance the theater and dance movements in ‎Jordan.
The ACDF falls within the Masahat Dance Network, a regional network comprising of Maqamat ‎Dance ‎Theatre in Lebanon and Sareyyet Ramallah – First Ramallah Group in Palestine; Tanween ‎Dance ‎Theatre in Syria and the National Center for Culture and Arts in Jordan. The importance ‎of MASAHAT ‎Dance Network is in providing a unique opportunity for companies to tour to all ‎festivals in the partner ‎countries allowing for leading choreographers to exchange experiences ‎with local artists and ‎reinforcing the importance of dialogue and cultural diversity.
This year’s festival, which is held from 14-25 April, 2015, we have chosen to include renowned ‎contemporary dance companies from Switzerland, USA, UK, Spain and Norway in a variety of ‎performances .It is our hope that at each festival, our audiences get the ‎chance to view leading dance companies utilizing unique techniques and to further their appreciation ‎of the aesthetics of contemporary dance.

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