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Ramadan Events & Ramadan Iftar Menus in Amman خيم رمضانية - فعاليات و سهرات - وعروض مسرحيات رمضان في عمان مع قائمة مطاعم تقدم مأكولات خاصة بحسور و إفطار رمضان 2012 في عمان
Want to know where to go this Ramadan? Want to invite friends over an Iftar Buffet or a Sohoor.. Searching for a restaurant or to a Ramadan Tent? Below is list of all the events taking place this Holy Month of Ramadan in Amman, Jordan! قائمة بجميع حفلات و عروض و خيم رمضانية ومطاعم للإفطار والسحور في شهر رمضان المبارك

Amal Dabbas play during this ramadan at sheraton hotel in amman - مسرحية شو زفرينيا

Amal Dabbas @ Sheraton Hotel, Amman
Amazing actress Amal Al-Dabbas will be entertaining her audience at Iftar time during this Ramadan with the satirical comedy play "Sho Zefrainia".
For more info kindly call Sheraton Hotel at: 065934111

الفنانه أمل الدباس في فندق الشيراتون
المسرحية الرمضانية الكوميدية الساخرة "شيزوفرينيا" طيلة أيام الشهر الفضيل مع الفنانة أمل الدباس. يصحبه بوفيه إفطار مميز في فندق الشيراتون، عمان. لمزيد من المعلومات الاتصال على: 065934111

مسرحية الآن فهمتكم في فندق الإنتركونتنينتال
بطولة الفنان موسى حجازين واخراج محمد الضمور وتأليف الكاتب الساخر احمد حسن الزعبي. تعرض المسرحية الكوميدية بعد بوفية إفطار رمضان. لمزيد من المعلومات والاستفسار عن التذاكر يرجى الاتصال على 064641361

Ramadan Play "Al'an Fhamtkom" at InterContinental Hotel
Carrying on the tradition of superb Ramadan entertainment, this year we bring you "Al'an Fhamtkom", a Ramadan comedy play starring Musa Hijazeen following a delightful Ramadan Iftar Buffet. For tickets and more information please call: 06-4641361 ext. 2828

Musa Hijazeen play during Ramadan 2012 at Iftar Buffet in intercon hotel
Bassem Feghali show in jordan during ramadan Iftar Buffet at Le meridien

Bassem Feghali in Le Meridien Hotel
The lebanese star is going to perform his show during memorable intriguing Ramadan Evenings. Le Meridien Amman has arranged for you a magnificent after Iftar program. For more information click here.

الفنان باسم فغالي في فندق الميريديان
الفنان اللبناني باسم فغالي في عرض رائع لتقليد الفنانين خلال عروض بوفية الإفطار في فندق الميريديان لأكثر من خمسة عشر يوم. لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى اللإنتقال للرابط التالي

ليالي القلعة طلة وحكاية
يومياً من بعد القطور وحتى السحور - إبتداءً من ثالث أيام شهر رمضان المبارك - برامج متنوعة من فعاليات موسيقية وفقرات ترفيهية من بعد الفطور وحتى السحور. لمزيد من المعلومات يرجى اللإنتقال للرابط التالي

Citadel Nights 2012
The twinkling lights of the city, the clear night sky. The amazing backdrop of the Umayyad Castle and the Hercules columns. Enjoy the family friendly atmosphere of the Citadel Nights, shop, eat and listen to the beautiful music of local artists playing their best of Tarab and classical Arabic music. For more information click here.

Citadel Nights of Ramadan 2012
Movenpick Ramadan Tent in Aqaba

Ramadan tent @ Mövenpick Resort & Residences Aqaba
Palm court Terrace will be serving Ramadan desserts under the tent to the accompaniment of our Oud player, à la cart.

Ramadan Iftar @ Mövenpick Resort & Residences Aqaba
Sumptuous Iftar buffet featuring an array of the best and authentic Arabic cuisine will be served daily for JD 20.00++ per person with original decorations and traditional entertainment during the Holy Month. Special corporate/group arrangements is also available.

عرض للفنان الكوميدي نمر أبونصار في فندق الماريوت
الفنان الكوميدي نمر ابو نصار في شهر رمضان المبارك خلال بوفيه الإفطار في فندق ماريوت عمان، الشميساني. لمزيد من المعلومات وللاستفسار عن التذاكر يرجى الاتصال على الفندق مباشرة على الرقم التالي: 065607607

Nemr Abou Nassar @ Amman Marriott Hotel
This Ramadan, the stand-up comedian Nemr Abou Nassar will be entertaining the audience with 25 shows in Ramadan in Jordan during the Iftar Buffet at the Amman Marriott Hotel. For more information call the hotel at: 065607607

Nemr Abou Nassar at Amman Marriott Hotel Ramadan Iftar
comedy play at landmark hotel during ramadan

Ramadan Comedy Play @ Landmark Amman Hotel

في شهر رمضان المبارك ، انتم على موعد مع المسرحية السياسية الساخرة "كومستير" بعد وجبة الإفطار الشهيية و المميزة في فندق لاندمارك عمان. استمتعوا كذلك بالسهرات الرمضانية في الهواء الطلق و بالإطلاله المميزة في طابق سكاي بلس
للاستفسار الرجاء الاتصال على 065607100 - 0797315939

The Carneia Experience @ Shaman & View Point
We're bringing you two whole new experiences to Jordan's Ramadan night scene at Shaman Garden and View Point every evening throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Expect to be captivated by our all new theme inspirations!

For reservation or more info please call: 0797173113
Or visit the facebook Official Page:
facebook icon"TheCarneiaExperience"

The Carneia Experience during ramadan 2012
Hookah Loop Ramadan Evenings

Hookah Loop Ramadan Evenings
The best place this Ramadan with 3 in 1; incredible outdoor atmosphere, delicious food and great prizes. Hookah Loop is an outdoor venue that will transform into a modernised lounge. Our customers will be enjoying a classy and elegant atmosphere, with an amazing breeze in the heart of Jabal Amman. Ramadan evenings will be a whole new different experience this year, especially with the live entertainment, mouthwatering menu, delicious variety of virgin Cocktails, and certainly, the best "Argeeleh" in town; not to forget the game nights and great prizes.
For more information call Hookah Loop at: 0798358241

  • Ramadan Saturdays : Quiz Night
  • Ramadan Sundays: Dress Code Night
  • Ramadan Mondays: Bingo Night
  • Ramadan Tuesdays: Cards Tournament
  • Ramadan Wednesdaysn: Live Show Night
  • Ramadan Thursdays: Lucky Night
  • Ramadan Fridays: Rawa2 Night

Dum Dum Tak @ Rotana Cafe & Rainbow Theater
This Ramadan, Iftar followed by the musical "Dum Dum Tak" (show begins at 9:00pm). From August 1st Until August 4th, 2012. Join Dozan wa Awtar Singers in their most personal and exciting performance yet. The musical play "Dum Dum Tak" will bring you stories of love and laughter right from the hearts and lives of Dozaners. Delicious food will be served for Iftar. Ticket is JD30, including both Iftar and the show. Tickets are available for sale at Umniah shops in Abdoun and Shmeisani, The Good Book Shop on Rainbow Street, Rotana Café on Rainbow Street, Blue Fig Abdoun, and The Cakery in Sweifieh. An additional show will be performed on Friday August 3rd at 11pm follow by Suhour at Rotana Café. Important note: Ticket sales will close two days prior to each performance. No tickets will be available at the door. Don't wait to hear from your friends what a great performance it was, take our word for it and get your ticket now!
For more information, please contact us at 0785177555

Dum Dum Tak during ramadan at rotana cafe
Amman Fi Ramadan events at rainbow street

Amman Be Ramadan - عمّان برمضان

تذكرة الدخول 3.50 دينار (الأطفال تحت 12 سنة مجانا) وتباع على باب مهرجان "عمان في رمضان" وتغطي التذكرة عرض الفنانين ومرافق المهرجان الأخرى الا منطقة الأطفال بتذكرة 2 دينار. العرض على الساعة 9:15 مساء. نفتح أبواب المهرجان على الساعة 6:00 مساء وحتى الساعة 2 ليلا. ارض المهرجان في شارع الرينبو ، اوّل دخلة على اليمين على بعد 50 متر يوجد مواقف سيارات تتسع ل 400 سيارة

Our live performance line-up is bound to inspire with talents hailing from all around the region. The cinema will be screening local and international movies and shows for your enjoyment. A stroll through our marketplace pleases all tastes, browse through the selection of knickknacks and merchandise. The hubbly bubbly aroma will tantalize your senses, taking you to our family lounge were you can sit back, relax and take your pick from our various cuisines, and Ramadan delicacies. Our Kids' Area is filled with fun activities and performance for your children to enjoy. Starting on the 22nd of July till the fourth day of Eid. Admission: 3.50 JOD entry fee, children under 12 for free & 2 JOD entry fee for the Kids' Area.

  • Monday, July 23: مكادي نحاس - Macadi Nahhas
  • Tuesday, July 24: Hip Hop Night
  • Wednesday, July 25: مسرح الشارع - Street Theatre
  • Thursday, July 26: آخر زفير -Akher Zafeer
  • Friday, July 27: Rami and Kot from Arab Idol
  • Saturday, July 28: Sho Hal Ayam
  • Sunday, July 29: Open Theater
  • Monday, July 30: Sign Of Thyme
  • Wednesday, August 1st: هاني متواسي - Hani Metwasi
  • Thursday, August 2: عزيز مرقة - Aziz Maraka
  • Friday, August 3: Autostrad
  • Saturday, August 4: مسرح الشارع - Street Theatre
  • Sunday, August 5: Theater
  • Monday, August 6: El Morabba3
  • Tuesday, August 7: Hip Hop Night
  • Wednesday, August 8: Open Theater
  • Thursday, August 9: Open Theater
  • Friday, August 10: Salalem from Egypt
  • Saturday, August 11: Sign Of Thyme
  • Sunday, August 12: Sho Hal Ayam
  • Monday, August 13: Open Theater
  • Tuesday, August 14: Hip Hop Night
  • Wednesday, August 15: هاني متواسي - Hani Metwasi
  • Thursday, August 16: Autostrad
  • Friday, August 17: عزيز مرقة - Aziz Maraka
  • Saturday, August 18: مكادي نحاس - Macadi Nahhas
  • Sunday, August 19: Open Theater
  • Monday, August 20: Open Theater
  • Tuesday, August 21: Open Theater
  • Wednesday, August 22: هاني متواسي - Hani Metwasi
  • Thursday, August 23: Open Theater

For more info please call: 064655224 or 0797636797

The Venue @ O Six Gastro Lounge
This Ramadan, enjoy enetrtaining evenings @ O SIX, in Jabal Amman. For reservation or more information cal: 0797567676
The events features:

  • Cards Tournaments - شيخ الكبة
  • Bath Bayakha - بث بياخة
  • Play 99.6
  • MC Sash
  • Aziz Maraka - عزيز مرقة
The Venue Event for Ramadan at O six Gastro
Ramadan nights at Khuttar Cafe ليالي موطني في خطار في شهر رمضان المبارك
امسيات متعدده خلال شهر رمضان في مقهى ومطعم خطار في عبدون. ليالي موطني تتضمن : من قلبي سلام لبيروت، بغداد والشعراء والصور، عمان في القلب، دمشق التاريخ، القدس عروس عروبتنا، القاهرة أم الدنيا
للحجز والاستفسار 0797900500

شاركونا احلى الاوقات في فعاليات رمضان داخل مكة مول. من الساعه 9:45 مساءً الى منتصف الليل

Special Ramadan activities @ Mecca Mall
After eftar from 9:45 Pm to 12:00 Am

  • Kids Activities - فعاليات الأطفال
    • From 26th July - 17th August. At the 1st Floor of Mecca Mall, from 9:45pm Until 11:45pm
  • Oud Player - عزف على العود
    • All 30 days in Ramadan. At the 2nd Floor, Main Hall of Mecca Mall, from 9:45pm until 10:15pm and from 10:45pm until 11:45pm
  • Tannoura, Egyptian Folklore - رقص التنورة
    • All 30 days in Ramadan. At the 2nd Floor, Main Hall of Mecca Mall, from 9:45pm until 10:45pm and from 11:00pm until 11:30pm
  • Hakawati - الحكواتي
    • From 26th July - 17th August. At the 1st Floor behind Starbucks Cafe, from 10:45pm Until 11:30pm and from 11:30pm to 12:00pm
  • Syrian Show - عراضة سورية
    • 26,27 July & 2,3,9,10.16,17 August. From 10:15pm until 11:15pm
  • Mosaharati - المسحراتي
    • All 30 days in Ramadan. From 9:45pm until 11:45pm
Mecca Mall Events during ramadan 2012
Ramadan Nights of YMCA in amman 2012

Ramadan 10 Nights @ YMCA, Airport Road

10 Parties with the best Arab artists, delicious Iftar, bingo, Cards, Tawlet zaher, 3ood, Magician, live saj, live knafeh, Singers, Arguileh and many prizes. (All of these activities around the beautiful pool and opening till so7our). Every Monday, Thursday and Friday within Ramadan month.
For More Information call: 0795709469, 0799400812

  • 26 /07/2012: George Al Rasi & a Magician
  • 27/07/2012: Mohammad majzoob & Bingo Night
  • 30/07/2012 : Hani mitwasi & a Hakwaty
  • 03/08/2012: "Surprise"
  • 06/08/2012: Ziad saleh & a Hakwaty
  • 09/08/2012: Adam & a Magician
  • 10/08/2012: Mohammad majzoob & Bingo Night
  • 13/08/2012: Hani Mitwasi & a Hakwaty
  • 16/08/2012: Joseph Attih & 3ood
  • 17/08/2012: Samer kabroo & Bingo Night

Granada Nights @ Vivid Cafe & Restaurant
This Ramadan nothing compares to Granada Night. Indulge yourself in an exquisite cuisine at Vivid Cafe, Madina Tebeyyah Street, meet with friends and family in a festive surrounding with live music, dazzling shows and games. Bask in the glow of the stars with our mouthwatering Ramdan platters, delectable beverages and hubbly-bubbly.
For more informatio call: 0798848866

  • Saturdays in Ramadan: Relaxing Night
  • Sundays in Ramadan: Hakawaty
  • Mondays in Ramadan: Live Music
  • Tuesdays in Ramadan: VIVID Night
  • Wednesdays in Ramadan: Quiz Night
  • Thursdays in Ramadan: Bingo Night
  • Fridays in Ramadan: Tarab Night
Viivid presenta Granada Nights during Ramadan
Blue Fig Iftar And Sohoor advertisement picture

Ramadan Summer Nights @ Blue Fig
Cool & Colorful Summer Nights at Blue Fig, Abdoun.
For more information call: 065928800

  • Daily Iftar
  • Argeeleh
  • Oriental Desserts
  • Tabliet Suhour
  • Ramadan Menu
  • Refreshing drinks
  • Live Oud on weekends
  • epoints Bingo Mondays
    Playing Cards
  • Backgammon, Uno & Much more!

30 Sheehsa Nights Lounge During Ramadan
Thirty Nights Lounge will bring the best of entertaining artists and singers. Located at the Pool of the Days Inn Hotel, Shmeisani. This year, we will give you the chance to redefine the lounging experience, with state-of-the-art setup, remodeled venue & loads of lavish entertainment.
For Reservations or more info: 0799158080

  • Every Saturday: The Star Hani Mitwasi at 30 Nights Ramadan Lounge.
30 sheehsa nights during ramadan 2012 in Amman
Abou El Abed Hakawati during Ramadan 2012

Ramadan @ Abou El Abed
Abou El Abed Al Hakawaty Restaurant Cafe', Jabal Amman. Is open at 9:00 PM with a nice entertainment and special gifts.. Delicious Buffet Iftar @ Abou El Abed Restaurant, For reservation please call 0776055550

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday ASHRAF OUDEH with the OUD...
  • Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday LUCEEN and the Band...
  • Everyday HAKAWATI of Abou El Abed during Ramadan

Seven Barrels during Ramadan
This Ramadan we bring to you Sabe3 Barameel! The perfect place to chill this Holy Month. We have the perfect post-iftar atmosphere for you and your friends. Argileh, Shadeh, Fortune tellers, Caricature artists, amazing music, and the perfect crowd. Enjoy your shisha, games, bingo, cards tournament and much more under the stars! Book your table by calling: 0779777708

Seven barrels during ramadan
  MARRAKESH Nights in Ramadan
This Ramadan you can come to Marrakesh 2012 for a lovely night "every night" with live bands, music, singers, a dance show, bingo games, fortune tellers, and more! Granada Hotel, Jabal Amman.
For more info contact 07 9504 0202

Decanter Lounge in Ramadan

During the joyful holly month come to Decanter Lounge, Abdoun to enjoy our Bingo nights, Winner gifts, Ramadan's special beverages and mazza, saj corner, along with the amazing voice of the one and only Ziad Saleh.Zeyad Saleh Will be singing every Wednesday , Thursday , Friday and Saturday at Decanter Tent during the Holy Month of Ramadan ! Enjoy the specail Ramadan and Sohour Menu ! Hope to see u there. For reservations Please call : 0775772000, 0775774000

Decanter Lounge nights during this ramadan 2012
quality suites hotel ramadan nights iftar and sohoor

Ramadan @ Quality Suites Hotel, Amman
كواليتي سويتس عمان يستقبلكم يوميا للافطار في قاعة اميرالد وللسحور في كوفي شوب Cubes خلال فترة 7 رمضان ولغاية 27 رمضان المبارك للاستمتاع معنا باجواء رمضانية لا مثيل لها مع اشهي بوفيهات الافطار والتي تتضمن المقبلات والحلويات والمشروبات الرمضانية ومع اجمل السهرات على انغام الطرب الاصيل والمطرب جوني ميمون
للحجز والاستفسار الرجاء الاتصال على 065502550

Ramadan Nights @ Buffalo Wings & Rings

Zaid Shaheen & Fadi Ghassan @ Buffalo Wings & Rings, Jabal Amman. Every Friday and Sunday during the Holy Month of Ramadan from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am.
Live performance on the stage in five different languages, including: Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian, and Russian! For more info about spicing up your Ramadan evenings after Iftar call us at :064659464


مطاعم تقدم إفطار وسحور 2012 - عروض ومسرحيات رمضان 2012 - إمساكية رمضان 2012 - مطاعم بدوام عادي في رمضان 2012